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Raelyne Margaret

Sometimes I find it hard to describe Raelyne. She was everything so how can I accurately describe her in a way that truly portrays who she was.

She had the absolute amazing blue eyes that I have ever seen. I have never seen a blue like hers, nor did I ever expect my daughter would have blue eyes and blonde hair (with a hint of red and curls).

She was the most kind-hearted one year old that I have ever known. That kid would share almost anything with anyone (except her beloved Ellie!). Not only would she share, but she would also make sure others got whatever I gave her first. If I offered her a treat, she would make sure her sister and daddy got some and then she would come back for more for her. If her sister would try to take a toy from her, she would put up a fight. But then if her sister stopped trying to take it and she just asked to have it, she would graciously give it over to her.

She loved (and when I say loved, I mean LOVED) babies. Even before she was walking and talking, she was taking care of her baby dolls. Rocking them. Cradling them. Patting their backs. Kissing them. Carrying them around. And when she was around her baby friends, she would not leave their side. She would be gooing over them. Kissing their heads. Rubbing their bellies. Just looking at them in awe. If there was a baby in the room, Raelyne was right beside them and just staring or touching them. It breaks my heart that she will never be able to experience being a big sister because she would have rocked the role!

Raelyne loved to cuddle and give kisses. She would nuzzle right into your shoulder and just lay all her weight into you. She would cuddle for a few minutes and then when she was done, she was done! Up she went running or going back to doing whatever she wanted. But the same went for cuddles. She would be running and playing or wrestling on the couch and then suddenly, she was cuddling and resting. Sometimes, her cuddles and love were so intense, she would take a big bite out of your shoulder (thankfully, she only tended to do this me and sometimes her sister). She would kiss everyone. She was always kissing. When she first started, it was mouth wide open, saliva all over you. I remember when she had just turned one, she made out with me (with her mouth open!). She was so proud of her kiss! She later learned how to close her mouth, but she wouldn’t purse her lips. She would just be straight faced and shove her face into you. She began gentler on the shoving into your face, as her experience grew.

Raelyne had the best giggle. She would laugh and laugh and laugh. She loved to be tickled and she loved to tickle others. Her giggle was contagious, and you couldn’t help but smile or laugh when you heard hers.

She ate what you wouldn’t believe a one year old to eat. She ate almost anything and everything (except for cucumbers). Not only would she eat anything, she ate HUGE portions of everything. She would easily eat 2 eggs in the morning, with her yogurt, berries and her milk. (By the way – eggs were one of her favourite foods. She particularly liked to eat her eggs and then wait for her Dad to cook his and then eat his too!). She also was very much like her Dad with her love for hot sauce!

Raelyne was a water baby. That girl loved being in the water. She would put her puddle jumper on (with her sister) and those two (age 1 and 2), would jump off the end of the dock, at the cottage, into the water, by themselves. She loved just swimming around in the lake and playing around on the ladder steps. She did the same thing in our backyard pool. So many times, the girls would just go on in for a swim, while we watched from the outside. She was not afraid of the water.

She adored birds. Particularly the geese at the park. She would chase them. Try to pet them. She would also shout out when she saw birds anywhere. She would mimic their sound and yell "honk! honk!". She was so happy when she was able to sit along the edge of the water and feed the ducks and geese (mainly the geese). Whenever she saw them (flying or walking), she would always tell us there were always "two". Regardless if it was a flock or just a couple.

Going to the park was one of her favourite things to do. In 2021, Khaleesia, Raelyne and Dave spent almost every weekday at the park (usually Gibbons). As Khaleesia ran around the park, going down the slides, playing with the monkey bars or trying to meet new friends, Raelyne was almost always in the swing. Trying to get pushed as high as possible. Always with a huge smile on her face.

Raelyne loved just about everyone. She was a Mama and Dada’s girl but she would always happily leave us to go and snuggle with her grandparents, aunts (she usually played shy with most of her uncles until she warmed up to them) or friends. She would sometimes play shy at first but it didn’t take much for her warm up. She spread her giggles, cuddles, hugs and kisses with everyone she knew.

She especially loved her older sister, Khaleesia. She adored waking up before her and then going into Khaleesia’s room to climb into bed with her and cuddle, until Khaleesia woke up. She loved to hold hands with Khaleesia or run and hug her as tight as she could. Her eyes lit up, the second her sister was in the room. And when they weren’t together, Raelyne would be talking about her.

Raelyne was a huge goof ball. She was always doing funny things. Joking around. Trying to be funny. Playing with the weirdest things (like the KD boxes). She had a quirky side too. When she could pick out her own clothes, she always picked my least favourite things (usually the fluffy, glittery, bright coloured stuff). She was also always dressing herself head-to-toe in anything she could find (in addition to her outfit for the day!). Jewelry. Purses. Extra clothes. Hats. Whatever she could find. That girl also had a good amount of attitude in her (just like her Mama). She knew how to stare you down. And she knew how to express herself, with just one look.

There are so many things I can share about Raelyne. It is impossible to accurately describe in words. Explain to someone who never met her, what she was like. Who she was as a person. How incredible she was. Raelyne was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

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